LOVE FOR ALL PEOPLE and the Concerned Community Citizens team has been helping young people help themselves for over 20 years, officially recognized by the Obama Administration, Martin Luther King Jr. Center for Non Violent Change, The Clinton Administration, and has also been sponsored by major contributors JCPenny's, Office Depot, Kroger, McDonald's and Burger King.

We also welcome small businesses and individual citizens a like to unite with us.

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LAP's and CCCT "Love For All People", Inc. Youth Development Scholarships and Programs have made a difference in the lives of so many youth across the country. Read these testimonials of how our youth are being impacted as a result!

Thanks to LAP's Scholarship Program, I write and play my own music; It really started an internal chain reaction within me. As a result, the public is calling and constantly keeping me busy...all from God-given talent that has been cultivated through LAP's Youth Development Project. "THANKS, MS LEVINGSTON" !

Thanks to LAP's Scholarship Program for enhancing my music & recording career; plus my talent for radio programming. I am grateful for the radio industry internship at WLOU radio & the lifetime weatherman certificate I received for a career in radio. This was all made possible through LAP's Youth Talent Development Project. And with the training I received plus God's favor, "I CAN DO IT ALL" !

I will be eternally grateful to LAP's Scholarship Program for giving me the training in vocal and dance. At age 10 I feel I can go on from here & become a professional singer, dancer, or actress; especially, if I continue to keep my "A" average in school work, I will succeed in all my endeavors!...I LOVE U, MS. LEVINGSTON !

I am grateful for this opportunity to thank LAP's Scholarship Program for the coaching and training that I received from age 11-14 yrs. I was crowned Jr. Miss Arkansas; Jr. Vocalist on the Bobby Jones Gospel Showcase; and now God has given me favor to begin my recording career. "THANK YOU MS. LEVINGSTON & MAY THE LORD CONTINIOUSLY BLESS YOU IS MY PRAYER" !

Our mission is to help save our ‘inner-city’ youth with emphasis on homeless, runaways, foster care, and abused kids. We are committed to developing the untapped talent of youth & young adults in the underserved areas by providing scholarships & savings bonds and at the same time uplifting and developing self-worth, self-esteem; thus promoting youth empowerment to those who have had to succumb to the inadequacies of poverty!

LAP's and CCCT "Love for all People", Inc. are always looking to create strategic partnerships in order that we may change the lives of some of our young people. You can help by becoming a sponsor or even volunteering your time. Your efforts will help make a difference in the future of our youth today!

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